Is it February already? How is everyone surviving the latest rains and high tides? Great!

You are receiving this email because you requested to be kept informed about a volunteer group that was formed at our Southwest Coastal Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) last April 29. We all know the wheels of government turn slowly, and at times that is the way we like it here in Arch Cape, nonetheless ideas, plans and meetings have been grinding away here in south Clatsop County.  The Arch Cape Options Committee (as they have been dubbed) has been meeting during the past spring, summer and fall of 2009 (with two of the members traveling from Portland to get together).

Having taken the list of concerns (pdf file here) each of you brought forward and investigating the options available to Arch Cape residents with regard to county assistance and growth, they are closing in on a presentation to show our community prior to sharing the information with the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners.

There will be public notification similar to what was done last April and an email to each of you to announce the date and time of this CAC meeting to view and review the Options Committees work. Please let me know if there is someone you know that did not receive this email and would like to be added to my group list.

Thank you,

Debra Birkby
2nd Vice Chair
Southwest Coastal Design Review and CAC


You can send Debra e-mail:   birkby @ charter . net