The A, B, C,s of the Sands of South Arch Cape

Composed by Bridget Snow and Joann Herbert
See the original copy here: (page 1, page 2).

A is Arch Cape
With the singing sands,
And the beauty around us,
Made by divine hands.    (B. S.)

B is for Bliss
For us who live by the sea,
How lucky we are
You! You!! You!!! and WE!!!!  (B. S.)

C is for Crab
You catch with a rake.
The're wonderful to eat
Both to broil or to bake.   (B. S.)

D is for Drift wood,
It's yours for to take.
Give to Ann
For beauties to make.  (B. S.)

E is for Elephant
Who yet never tred
On the sands of Arch Cape
For water and bread.  (J. H.)

F is for Fish
Who swim in the sea.
Take rod in hand
And Catch some for me.  (J. H. & B. S.)

G is for George
Who whittles and jogs.
He carves many things
Out of sea washed logs.  (J. H. & B. S.)

H is for Herbie
A devoted Beach Comber,
With Windy and Duffy
And sea spray around her.  (B. S.)

I is for Interest
We take in our Land,
From the high hills behind us
To each grain of Sand.  (B. S.)

J is for Jetts
That in the sky scream
While we take our sun bath
In the sand by the stream.  (B. S.)

K is for Kelp
The long slimy sea weed
From which Bridget makes pickles
Whi are good indeed.  (B. S.)

L is for "Least Sandpiper"
The swift little bird
He runs on the sands
Like an innocent persued.  (B. S. & J. H.)

M is for Moon
High in the sky she rides.
In spite of the Astronouts
She keeps even our tides.  (B. S. & J. H.)

N is for Neptune
A Trident he carries
Go too far in his realm
With the fish you'll be burried.  (B. S. & J. H.)

O is for Ocean
With the waves running high
If you can't stop the tide
At least you can try.  (B. S.)

P is for Perch
So delicious to eat.
Cast your rod in the surf
Give your family a treat.  (B. S.)

Q is for Queer People
Who litter our sands
If we had our way
They'd meet death at our hands.  (B. S. & J. H.)

R is for Rain
In abundence it comes.
Makes us appreciate
The warm glorious sun.  (J. H.)

S is for Scotty
Who walks Dog on the beach
Goldie chases each Sea Gull
That comes in her reach.  (B. S.)

T is for Travis
On his picnic table we eat
Be it clams, crab, you name it,
Oh! What a great feast!!  (B. S.)

U is for Unusual,
The beach that we love,
The people who live here,
The birds flying above.  (B. S.)

V is for Varuna
The God of the West.
We praise him each morning,
He gave us the Best.  (B. S.)

W is for Wadgn
Young and Old all enjoy.
At the edge of the Sea
Girld chases Boy.  (B. S.)

X is for Xeno.
I'm sure you can find
A good many beach things
To make this verse rhyme.  (B. S.)

Y is for the Young
Who in summer rove our shore
They are safe on our beach
Cars are not allowed any ore.  (B. S.)

Z is for Zest
Which we walk on the beach
For here at Arch Cape
All God's beauties within reach.  (J. H.)

S is for Steve
With his brush in hand
He paints for posterity
Our lovely land.