Repeater Visit May 4, 2011

The goal for this trip to the repeater was to swap out the batteries, bringing down the set that was discharged and installing some temporary replacements. On the trip were: Greg Filliger, N7RIA, Susan Filliger, KF7IRS, Mary Jo Mosby, KB7NJE, and Dale Mosby, K7FW. This was a great day for the trip as there was a cloud free blue sky, very little wind, and very nice temperature for this time of year.

A useful test we performed on this trip was to measure the transmit and standby current required by the repeater. We found that transmit requires 4.7 amps and standby is 350 millamps.

We also measured the panel voltage in sun as: 19.66, 20.65, 19.59, and 20.68. Considering that we have two panels facing south and two facing west the numbers seem reasonable.

repeater controller  zero amps
Despite bright sun the charge
controller indicated no current
flowing into the batteries.

Greg and I think that the charge
voltage may be set a little low.
I checked a couple cells and
found that the gravity was quite
low, however at least floating
the indicator this time.

Greg with batteries
While I was concentrating on
the difficult task of planning
the work ahead Greg ran up
to the repeater shack with
the replacement batteries.

Greg checks fuses
Greg checks the fuses for each panel.
All were OK.

Dale and Greg next to repeater building.
Dale (left) and Greg (right) ready
to close up the repeater building.

A few photos to demonstrate why I enjoy coming up here -- especially on such a beautiful day.

Truck with ocean in background.



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