Repeater Visit May 7, 2017

The purpose of this trip was to get measurements of the holes that will be used to anchor the solar panels in preparation for cutting the metal anchor posts. On the trip were Dale, K7FW and Tim, KE7TAC.

The plan for a supporting structure for the panels is to anchor two parallel rails on top of which will be triangular frames holding the panels at the desired angle. In order to know how long to cut each anchoring post I need to know the depth of each hole and the distance from the top of the hold to a level line. The ground slopes about 30 inches over the 15 foot distance between the east and west holes. We drove fence post stakes in the ground in order to set up a reference line. The ground is rocky enough that it was hard to find a place in which we could drive them sufficiently deep.

There are two parallel rows of holes spanning a 15 foot east/west distance. The rows are about 40 inches apart measured from the center of the holes. The ground is very rocky limiting where holes can be dug and also the depth possible. Digging these required a pick, shovel, and very heavy pointed digging bar. While the hole depths of 10 inches or so doesn't sound like much a great deal of time and effort was needed to dig those holes. This diagram gives measurements:

A pdf file of this diagram can be found here.

Some site planning notes and photos here.

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