Repeater Visit February 11, 2012

This trip was made to replace the repeater. It now has a new transmit radio installed. Another ICOM 2AT was used for the transmit radio, replacing the previous radio. The linking system is still having problems so that is disabled at the moment. On this trip were Doug Rund KC7MFN, Helen Rund KE7OFP, Hal Denison WA7FIV, Greg Filliger N7RIA, and Dale Mosby K7FW.

Once the repeater was installed and a bit of testing done we checked the RF output power:
Before cavities: 20 watts forward, 0.5 watts reverse
After cavities: 10 watts forward, 0 watts reverse
So the cavities are costing half the power and we have 10 wats going to the antenna.

A few cells of the battery were tested and indicated a need for a charge. So even with no radio in place we are not fully charging those batteries. Hopefully when the new charge controller is installed we will do a better job of charging the batteries.

Left to right:
Greg, N7RIA, Hal WA7FIV
Helen, KE7OFP, Doug KC7MFN

Testing phase.

Hal standing next to the solar panels.
The mountain was in the clouds this
day so we lost sight of the ocean about
half way up.

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