Repeater Visit February 11, 2017

The purpose of this visit was to work on the installation of the solar panels. On this trip were Cameron, AF7DK, and Dale, K7FW. The week prior to this visit had been very wet and windy at the coast. On the Wednesday before the trip I measured 2.44 inches of rain in Arch Cape. The plan for the trip was to get an east/west reference line established in order to get the panels facing true south and then begin digging holes to place anchors for the frame that will hold our new panels. The ground is very rocky so we knew this would be hard work.

The day began with a bit of rain along the coast but that was gone by about 9:30 when we headed up. We had a good view of the ocean from the road part way up. It was more overcast at the repeater site.

Cameron unlocking one of the gates.

The very heavy rain and strong wind of the previous week brought down this tree. It was quite rotten so Cameron was able to easily break it and clear the road. However he returned to the truck without noticing that just a short distance past this tree another larger one was across the road. If you look through those branches in the tree crossing the road you can just see that other tree trunk.

This tree forced us to return to my house for a chain saw. The sun is now brighter after a trip down and back.

The string is our east/west reference line. We have marked locations for the panel supports.

Some of the holes have been dug. This was very hard work. The ground is more rock than dirt.

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