Arch Cape Repeater visit December 12, 2010

The goal for this trip was to see if the link radio would tune low enough to work on the new link frequency. The quick answer to this question is that it will not. The trip was made by Ken Lucke, WA7PIX, Tim Crawford, KE7TAC, and Dale Mosby, K7FW. We had two vehicles, a good idea this time of year. We had a secondary goal of getting a new door installed. Ken (what an optimist) brought a new door with him thinking that if there was a lull in the weather we might get that installed. It turns out that this was a very stormy day at sea level and truly fierce weather up at the repeater site.
Tree down
It seemed as if we had just gotten started
on the drive when we found the road
blocked by a tree. Fortunately Ken was
prepared with a chain saw.

While not obvious in the photo,
it was raining during the entire drive.

Tree gone
The tree is removed and we can
get on our way again.

Tim was well dressed for the fierce
wind and rain. The only place to hide
from the wind was the inside of the
repeater shack.

Ken posed
Ken is preparing to open the box housing
the link radio. Getting a bit tired of
photographing the back side of people at
the repeater, I asked Ken to turn around
and look at the camera.

Ken testing link radio
Ken determined that the link radio would
not tune low enough to work on the new
link frequency. After setting the radio back
to the old link frequency Ken is testing the
link radio.

Link radio
This is the link radio. This Icom
IC-04AT will not tune low enough
to work on the new link frequency.
Hopefully we can find a new radio
with a similar form factor allowing
a reasonably quick swap.

Charge controller
This is the charge controller.
Note that the battery voltage
is down to 12.2 volts.

Tim holds the door against the wind
Tim had to hold the door to the repeater
shack the entire time that Ken was inside.
Ken needed some light so the door could
not be closed. Holding that door in place
with the strong wind gusts was not an
easy task.

I captured a 30 second video clip as were were leaving.
This is a small avi format file:
video thumbnail

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