Repeater Visit January 14, 2012

The 146.74 repeater has been quite intermittent lately. It is able to receive on the 146.14 input and send that out on the link but it does not transmit on the 146.74 two meter output. Singnals coming in on the link frequency will trigger the repeater controller such that it thinks it is transmitting however there is no output on 146.74. Either the radio used for transmitting is failing or the repeater controller is failing to activate PTT on the 2 meter transmitter. No matter what the failure the repeater has been off the air more than it has been working. Frank (NM7R) our current repeater advisor recommended bringing both the controller and radios down for repairs. Jim (KF7NE) agreed with this plan so today a trip to the repeater site was made. On the trip were Greg, N7RIA, Bill, KE7TAF, Greg, KE7TAE, and Dale, K7FW.

It was very cloudy when we swarted up the hill and the temperature dropped from cold to just a bit below freezing as we headed up. There were a few snowflakes and ice crystals coming down at times. We did a bit of testing confirming that signals in on the 2 meter receive were transmitted on the 440 link. Also that the controller indicated PTT when signals were recieved on 2 meters and 440. A reset of the controller did not resolve the problem. That was all the testing that time and temperature allowed. The controller and radios were removed. The TNC and assoicated radio were left operating. Next step is investigating the problem on a bench.

Left to right:
Bill, KE7TAF
Greg, N7RIA

Greg and Bill working to remove
the controller - lots of wires to disconnect.

Just a bit of snow sticking to the
panels.  Not much accumulation
yet. That is supposed to change
in the next couple of days.

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