Arch Cape Repeater Visit - April 17, 2011

The repeater had been off the air for a week or more prior to this trip up. Ken, WA7PIX, Tim, KE7TAC, and Dale, K7FW made a run up to investigate the problem. Sunday was cold and clear, good weather for the trip. There was still a bit of hail on the ground in places left from the stoms of the previous week. I also noticed a skim of ice on a couple puddles. We were all relieved to see the repeater building and all solar panels in good condition when we arrived.

Once in the building we found that the charge controller display was blank rather than the expected display showing us the battery voltage. Measuring the batteries we found 2 volts instead of 12.

Examining the insides of the charge controler revealed a blown 25 amp fuse. We did not have the proper form of replacement (glass cartridge) but did have a 25 amp cartridge fuse so put that in the circuit by means of some small jumper cables. That got the repeater back on the air.

temporary fuse
Ken is holding the temporary cartridge fuse wired in by means of a small jumper and aligator clips.

tim examining charge controller
Tim inspects the charge controller.

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