Arch Cape Repeater vist December 21, 2010

The goal for this trip was to replace the link radio with one that would tune to the new link frequency. On the trip were: Ken Lucke, WA7PIX, Branden Wilson, K6BSR, Helen Chauncy, KE7SCS, Tim Crawford, KE7TAC, and Dale Mosby, K7FW. We found that the link radio was partly hard wired into the surrounding circuitry so the link radio and enclosure had to come back down the mountain so that the swap could take place on a workbench. Another trip up will replace the radio. Here are some photos from the trip.
the road up to the site
We found patches of snow on the trip up.
Judging by the tracks I saw coming down
I would guess that the deepest places were
about 4 inches but fortunately the patches
of snow were not long and most not as deep.

Ken tests the link radio
Ken is holding the new link radio in his
right hand. In his left hand is his HT
being used to test that the new link radio
will key up the receiving end of the link.

removing the old link radio
Ken removes the case holding the
old link radio.

old link radio
The old link radio sitting on the tailgate
of my truck. At this point we find wires
from the support circuitry enterying the
radio. This is our first clue that this won't
be a quick task with easily removed

removing the old link radio
Ken works to disassemble the radio
and determine exactly how the wires
have been connected. Once inside the
radio we find that they connect to
internal circuitry and it will not be
possible to make the radio swap while
at the repeater site.

checking battery specific gravity
Dale checked the specific gravity in one cell
using a hydrometer with a thermometer that
would show us the proper correction factor.
This showed a correction factor of 0.20
which is pretty close to my guess of 0.016
that I used for the December 4 trip.

short wrap-up discussion
Left to right: Helen, Branden, Ken, Dale.
Note that three out of 4 of us think it is
quite cold and heavy attire is needed.

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