Arch Cape Repeater visit December 24, 2010

On the recent visit of December 21 the link radio was removed. This trip up was made by Ken Lucke, WA7PIX, and Dale Mosby, K7FW, to replace the link radio. An additional desired task was to swing the link antenna to a new heading. Unfortunatley gale force winds did not prevent that task. (Just kidding Ken.)

The Arch Cape repeater had been linked
to Wickiup to the northeast. As of this trip
the repeater now links to Megler to the north.

This path is just a little over 30 miles.

The new link radio mounted in
its housing.

Dale up on the tower preparing to move
the link antenna - the top beam.

Dale on the tower.
It was very windy at ground
level and really quite fierce
up on the tower.

The link antena is now on a new
tower section.

Ken testing the link.
It was very windy on this day.
Ken is in his typical summer
attire. Would even a blizzard
get Ken to switch to long pants?
No, see the next visit.

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