Arch Cape Repeater visit December 26, 2010

The link radio was not working properly, acting as if it had jumpped slightly off frequency. This was a quick trip to set the link radio frequency and switch it to VFO mode. On this trip was Ken Lucke, WA7PIX, Dale Mosby, K7FW, and Bill Lacy, Dale's brother in law.

The road up.
We encountered light snow
at a low elevation.

The solar panels were completely
covered with snow. The batteries
were not doing well on this day.

Ken (left) and Bill (right).

Dale by his truck.
It was quite dark out
over the ocean with
one small bit of light
on the horizon.

Before we could finish programming
the link radio the wind picked up and
it began to hail. The wind whipped
hail really stung. We also experienced
lightning while on this trip.

Can't we undertake some fund raising
activity to buy Ken some warm clothes?

Ken heads back to his truck
in hard blowing hail.

Ken is in the lead on the
way down.

Looking out into the fog.
There is an ocean out there
somewhere. At least we
have a bit of shelter here
so mostly out of the wind.

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