Charge Controller Data

The Morningstar solar controller stores about 200 days of data. I plan to go up often enough to download the data and store it so that we can analyze the data. The documentation page gives information about the controller and data that it stores. I an providing the raw data files here. I will also create some plots that I think might be interesting.

The data is in a "csv" (comma separated variable) file. You can download the data sets and create your own plots. Please let me know if you do this and come up with something interesting. Full documentation can be found at the link above. A short version of the file header is here:
Column name
minimum battery voltage
maximum battery voltage
maximum daily input voltage
total Ah charge daily
total Wh charge daily
cumulative time in equalize
cumulative time in absorption
cumulative time in float

I may "clean up" the format a bit at some time in the future but for now the data is what is extracted from the controller. A few important notes:

Data files:

Full data from my back yard and at the repeater site

Data downloaded November 17, 2012
Data downloaded February 16, 2013

I may add some data plots in the future as time permits. Meanwhile here is a plot showing the daily minium battery voltage and the totall watt hours of charging given.