Documentation List

I am collecting documentation related to the equipment at the Arch Cape repeater site.
Note that for the ICOM HTs there are some duplicates. I have not yet verified if these
are all identical or perhaps some variations on the basic model. A bit of clean up is needed.

Ubiquiti LiteBeam LBE-M5-23 Data Sheet
Ubiquiti LiteBeam LBE-M5-23 Quick Start Guide
CAT-300 repeater controller
Scans from repeater construction notes
TriStar MPPT solar charge controller manual (Morningstar)
TriStar MPPT 2 page data sheet (Morningstar)
Morningstar EMC-1 Data Sheet
Morningstar EMC-1 Manual
TriStar MPPT MODBUS Specification V 10.2  5 December 2011
TriStar MPPT MODBUS Specification V 02    19 October 2005
TriStar Applications Guide
TriStar Installation and Operation Manual
TriStar LED Indications
Morningstar Product Connectivity Manual - Networking & Communications
TriStar RS232 Wiring
QCELL - 255 watt solar panel specification sheet
Uni-Solar solar panel specification sheet
Air 30 wind turbine manual
Air 30 wind turbine 2 page brochure
Solar Jack SJ-5100 solar panel - overview
Solar Jack SJ-5100 solar panel - technical specs
Solar Jack SJ-5100 solar panel - wiring
Mark 15/20 solar charger manual
ICOM IC2E/A manual
ICOM IC-2A/AT/E instruction manual (ver A-0267 A)
ICOM IC-02A/AT/E instruction manual (ver A-0709)
ICOM IC-02A/AT instruction manual (ver A-0710A)
ICOM IC-2A/AT/E maintenance manual
ICOM IC-02A IC-02AT IC-02E service manual
Arcom RC210 repeater controller operations manual
Arcom RC210 repeater controller hardware Manual
Kantronics KWM-12100+ spec sheet
Kantronics KWM-1200 Plus Operations Manual
Kantronics KPC-3 Plus User Guide
Kantronics KWM-1200+ Port Pinout Information
Link to Kantronics TNC web page
Motorola HT90 radio service manual

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