Scans From Repeater Construction Notes

There is a 3 ring binder that holds the documentation for the repeater construction. In addition to the CAT300 controller manual this has some hand drawn schematics and notes about the repeater controller connection to the radios. I have scanned these and given them names that seemed reasonable. They are posted here in no particular order and with no guarantee that they represent the current state of the equipment. Someone wishing to understand or work on the equipment would most likely want to print each of these PDF files and study them. Some of them showing the wiring for the terminal strip next to the CAT300 board seem similar or possibly even identical.

NOTE: These scans provide information on what is in the documentation set for the repeater. This is from a binder with the date July 18, 2006. This is not necessarily what is in use now!

3_sec_timer.pdf - 555 timer
audio_adjustments.pdf - documentation on making audio adjustments
cat300_connections.pdf - connections made to the CAT300
icom_2at.pdf - connections to link radio
link_level_adjust.pdf - link adjustments
plug_wiring_01.pdf - connector pins
plug_wiring_02.pdf - connector pins
plug_wiring_03.pdf - connector pins
receiver_at_45.pdf - is this something at the 45 repeater?
relay_board.pdf - relay board
service_monitor_adjust.pdf - service monitor notes
terminal_strip_01.pdf - terminal strip next to CAT300
terminal_strip_02.pdf - terminal strip next to CAT300
terminal_strip_03.pdf - terminal strip next to CAT300
terminal_strip_04.pdf - terminal strip next to CAT300
terminal_strip_05.pdf - terminal strip next to CAT300
yaesu_link.pdf - unknown when this radio was used

wiring photo
I took a photo of the current wiring of the repeater controller board and surrounding wiring.This was done by holding the camera up and over the repeater cabinet after having removed the cabinet lid. I could not actually see the repeater controller in this position so the photo is a bit lacking - but it is all I have at the moment. On another trip I will do the work needed to get some good photos. If you click on the photo it will link to a full size image, 4000x3000 pixels.

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