Emergency Preparation

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Historical records indicate that the Oregon coast has been hit with a number of tsunamis. These can be caused by nearby or distant earthquakes. Destruction of property may be great, but loss of life need not be if people are prepared and act quickly. When caused by a distant earthquake a warning will come from news media, weather alert radios, or coastal warning sirens. When caused by a nearby earthquake the warning will be felt. When the ground stops moving it is important to get to high ground quickly, and then stay there for 12 hours. A tsunami caused by a nearby earthquake could strike in as little as 15 minutes and waves could continue to arrive for 12 hours.

It is important to know in advance where high ground is in your area and be ready to get their quickly.

Arch Cape tsunami brochure.
Cannon Beach tsunami brochure.
The city of Cannon Beach has published information on tsunami refuge areas here.
Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries home page.
Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries maps, data, publications list.

The Arch Cape emergency cache container project is getting under way. This project will be operated in much the same way as is the similar Cannon Beach cache container project. This program will be run under the direction of the Cannon Beach Rural Fire Protection District. Containers may be purchased at the Cannon Beach city hall. Container cost is about $50. There is no yearly storage fee. Additional information about the program: (Cannon Beach cache web page)