Arch Cape Government

Arch Cape is an unincorporated area with most of the land zoned Arch Cape Rural Community Residential (AC-RCR).

Arch cape has a sanitary district that covers the entire area, a large water district providing water for most of the area and a smaller water district serving the north end of Arch Cape. Information on the water and sanitary districts here.

Fire protection is provided by the Cannon Beach Rural Fire Protection District.

The primary government services are provided by Clatsop County. Their Arch Cape web page is here. Arch Cape has a short term rental ordinance, information available on the county web page. A design review group reviews building applications and provides input to the county.

Clatsop County sent out a Spring 2013 newsletter to the Arch Cape community, available here. One of the topics is about the creation of an urban renewal district.

A group with the unofficial title "Arch Cape Options Committee" has been collecting
information on growth options and citizens concerns about Arch Cape. A presentation is available here and notes from a meeting available here.